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Ozh’ Who Sees Ads: A Fantastic Plugin To Change What Ads Each User Sees

who sees adsI was talking on the phone to an owner of 4 high traffic websites, what his top 5 plugins for his sites (all run on WordPress). He said number one, two, and three would be “Who Sees Ads”.  It gave him the ability to force ads down the throats of certain visitors and at the same time, take them completely off to others, and everything in between. He said it single handily added 3-5K a month to his income by adjusting the ads.  He was trying to pay someone to write code for his wordpress sites that would do the same thing but there always seemed to be bugs.  This one actually works.

It is widely known that visitors from search engines click more ads than regular repeat users.  People that frequent your site or blog are blind to your ads because they seem them on a daily basis.  At the same time, if you spam them with ads, they may not come back.  Ozh’ Who Sees Ads is a plugin that lets you define what ads are shown to specific types of visitors.  Allowing you to place more ads for search engine visitors and less ads for a repeat visitor.

The setup is merely a series of If This then display or don’t display.  You drag and drop the variables you want into a box and then the line of code you want to show up under these scenarios.  Not only can it be used for ads but for signup boxes, ebooks, or any thing you are pushing.  It can get as specific as, “If a person comes to a post dates on this day” show them this ad.  If I have a post on a certain day that is talking about deleted domains and I get a search engine visitor to that post, then I have the ability to show an ad for an ebook for that post and that post only. Once you’ve set the variables it creates a php code to place in your site or posts.  It also creates a widget if you use widgets.  I consider myself a tech person but I can make the simplest things difficult.  I couldn’t mess this one up.

I have started using it on all my sites and have targeted certain visitors based on where they came from and how often they come back.  It’s hard to judge at this point because I have no high traffic sites and I haven’t had it up very long.  That being said, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that it makes logical sense.  That and the raving reviews from others that have already benefited from the plugin. If you use it, please leave me a comment and let me know if it improves your revenue.

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