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5 OK Domains Dropping: Trademark Free Edition

I’ve been recieving some flack lately over my recommendations that have trademark issues. A few commenters are upset that I would have the audacity to either recommend a domain with possible trademark issues or worse yet, not even check.  This is a huge issue in the domain industry and unlike many of commenters, I am not going to try and single handidly change the industry. I am neither a watchdog nor a participant (until I purchased bestiphoneapps) and don’t or really care what others buy. Take these recommendations for face value.  Do your own due diligence.  DomainGang recently rewarded me with the title of “Domain Expert” so listen and learn from this morning’s nice domains. Had trouble finding much for this morning but here are a few.  I realize some are a stretch but not every day has good domains. No trademarks but 3000 searches.  Of course would much rather have the .com but this one will end up under $50.  I think it’s still better than Should go for around 3K or so but still a very nice domain.  Almost 19K searches with a $2.25 CPC make this a nice addition to your portfolio Not as strong as unlike but still a great name if you get it for $69 and with no present bidders you could. Oh yeah, no trademarks….I think Looks to have a FAKE PR7.  A $2 CPC and 30K searches isn’t too bad.Domain is 11 years old I’m not sure it’s anything special but for $10 it’s a nice 5L name for domaining This is a stretch but I saw this and I though it sounded like if you say the word “Drop” but stretch it out. durrrroooooop.  You know, like the Beastie Boys would say it. Sorry but I liked it.  Good for a drop names search engine.  Ok this is mine $100 takes it

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  1. is not a valid PR7. 1 backlink…

    People need to get off their high horse when it comes to trademark domains. Apple is not going to bother anyone for or whatever it was. The pure typo plays I understand, but if you can build a legitimate business around a product and use the name properly then I don’t know what the issue is., same thing. You could make a site selling pandora beads with it. If you are selling their products on your site, they are not going to bother you. Every domain with a company or product name in it is not some sort of taboo. Just use common sense.

    Your recommendations have been good to read, if someone does not like it, then don’t register it.
    Keep up the good work.


    1. Yeah, I realized it last night. The PR checker I used was down last night. 90% of those listed that are dropping with 6 to 7 PRs aren’t valid. Thanks for the nice comments

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