5 Nice Domains Dropping Today

A few good names are dropping today.  As I go through the list I see all the LLLL domains dropping and this time last year people were paying $20-50 for absolute junk 4Ls.  Ahh, how times have changed.  Now they are paying good money for keyword junk.

AdventureRacing.com 5K searches and twice that globally.  This a very up and coming sport.  More people are running marathons and triathlons than ever before.  It won’t go cheap but I think it will be a good investment

NissanGRT.net Disclaimer:  This is a trademarked name.  Buy at your own risk. 2009 Motor Trend car of the year.  368K searches so a lot of people are searching for info on this one but with no bidders they must be afraid of the TMs. Nissan doesn’t seem to care about the domain either

SexwithDonkey.com I just thought you might want this one.  You may be able to sell it to a bar owner in Tiajuana.

Onlineserverbackup.com Great CPC of $11.40.  Over a thousand searches.  Estibot values it at $6900 (Valuate was down at the time) No bidders

CliveCussler.net My favorite author of all time. Wrote “Raise the Titanic” and “Sahara” (please don’t judge book by the terrible movie).  I have a complete collection of 1st editions of his first 20 books.  I am a huge fan yet I am still going to pass.Then again,  I’m thinking of buying it just to give it back to him and hoping I actually may get to converse with my hero.

kayakraft.com A valid PR 5 with a few links.  Already at $200 but may be a good deal if you need some links.

modernpaintings.com At Great Domains Auction ending today.  A 2,000 – 3,000 name.  Estibot has this at 65K.  I realize that is just a tool but certainly worth more than $900.

Domain of the Day: