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6 Nice Domains Dropping Today

Looks like there wasn’t much interest for bestiphoneapps .net yesterday because I won it at $15. I don’t know exactly what it’s worth but I am going to guess it’s more than that.  Here are today’s good valued domains that are dropping today. Simple, rememberable name.  Valuate has it at $1100, bidders have it at $0.  I think it’s somewhere inbetween. MMA? I have to admit, I have no idea what these are but somebody does due to the 18,500 searches. $3.30 CPC is nice and valuate has this at $2900. No bids at godaddy at this point. Great name for anything from blog to coffee shop. One of the few names that works just as well with “the” in the name.  5000+ searches, most likely due to many things being names “the Grind” already.  Thus, many end user sales possible Ready to get into the prostitution business?  Here you go.   There are 4500 searches here but nobody is searching for this domain with o bidders. Valuate has this at $3600 so at $69 this is going to be a pretty good deal.  Plenty of affiliate possibilities. I am a big 5L guy and this is a very brandable name for something.  Has no searches, no keywords, but possibly the next big thing. You heard it here first. It’s going to cost you a fortune but it’s worth a watch on namejet.  14 years old gives it some nice history. I can see the tag line  “What you need “towin” dot com.  Someone is going to overpay with all these bidders

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  1. RE: best iphone apps .net

    I image and hope folks stayed away from it because of trademark issues with Apple.

    It is not worth the hassle and causes image problems for domainers.



    I’m sure the Kweel Corporation ( will appreciate
    the traffic intended for

  3. Looks like “pandora” beads is a trademarked name…well, Pandora anyhow. They are a large company selling beads and other merchandise. Kinda like…not good.

    That is another troubling domain name.

    You may want to sharpen up your approach to recommending names…you publicized your purchased of an Apple iphone domain and are calling possible trademarked names “good value”..

    I think this is a wrong approach…especially with the platform you are afforded thru your blog and


    1. I appreciate the advice but not the tone. I will certainly check my trademarks using the valuate trademark checker from now on. I will watch my recommendations from this point. By the way, there isn't a word in the English language that isn't trademarked. Again I'll be more careful. Thanks for reading

  4. Would posting two comments and linking to two different sites like and be considered comment spam? I thought that was considered black hat seo….

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