7 Examples of First and Last Names Developed on the New gTLDs

Aug 26 2016

We’re not focusing on a single gTLD this week; the commonality we’re looking at is that each of the seven developed sites below are either a first or last name to the left of the dot.

In six of the cases, the individuals are using their name to build their small businesses around, and in one case, they’re using their last name to brand a site around some non-profit causes they support.

With personal names selling for high prices, such as this year’s Janine.com for $50,000, Sandy.com for $46,100, or Donnie.com for $8,502, the new gTLDs offer an opportunity to grab a name that might otherwise be out of reach financially, as well as tie their name to a new G that fits their area of interest.

The screenshots below are linked if you would like to check them out for yourself.

Rick.pics – “Rick is an art and creative photographer based in Los Angeles.” He also has a placeholder site live at Rick.pm, but his LinkedIn profile lists his new .Pics website as his homepage.


Ashley.tattoo – “Ashley Racana is an american tattoo artist. She grew-up in Detroit, Michigan, and she has been tattooing since 2007.” She is currently working in a tattoo shop in the French Alps.


Megan.photo – “Megan Dougherty is one of the top headshot photographers in Atlanta, GA and the Southeast for actors, entertainers, models and individuals.

Kate.flowers – Kate Bizi focuses on “wedding reception flower arrangements and decoration in Los Angeles and nearest cities“.


Nando.audio – “Nando Florestan is a Brazilian pianist and composer of classical music. He studied harmony, counterpoint, orchestration and composition with Osvaldo Lacerda, then went on to study music at Universidade de São Paulo.” He is using the site to showcase some of his compositions, and the site offers the ability to buy some of his music.

Conner.help – Dr. Carol Weyland Conner is using this site to build awareness for three causes she supports to help disadvantaged individuals in the San Francisco Bay area. “Dr. Conner is the spiritual director of Sufism Reoriented, an American faith community that strives to work in harmony with all religions and affirms the central core of divine love at the heart of all spiritual traditions.


Sims.guitars – This is the home of Martin Sims custom guitars. “Made in Britain Custom Guitar Services – Based in Kent and the home of Pioneering LED designs and Bass Pickup Technology”


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