7 Nice Domains Dropping Today

Dec 14 2009

An uneventful weekend just like I like it this past weekend.  Even though we may be winding down for the year, the domains keep on dropping.  Here are few nice gifts that you might want to buy for yourself.

AgrigentoHotels.com Not many bidders on this Italian City.  Good number of searches at 14K plus and nice $3 CPC rate.

Pelorus.com A great name for search or aquatics.  A pelorus is a navigational instrument (also a very famous yacht).  Some may yell trademark but I think this one would be safe if used the right way.

SadieHawkinsDance.com This is a great name but I figure nobody can figure out how to monetize it.  Across the United States schools usually have this dance once a year where the girls ask the boys to the dance instead of the usual way, the other way around.  No bidders and the other tlds are not taken so you can own the category if you want cheap.  It has 18K searches so it could get some traffic

Kubo.net For the people that are looking for nice CVCV.nets.

Tigershoes.net I wouldn’t want to be in Tiger’s shoes right now.  I couldn’t resist

homewrecker.org. Speaking of Tiger.  All his ladies should join this organization

InternetTools.net A very generic term that gets 14K searches and pay $.90 CPC.   No bidders so you most likely can have it and also means it’s probably worth no more than you’ll pay

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