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A Few Nice Domains Dropping Over the Weekend

You’ll notice I didn’t have a post yesterday.  I had a pretty good reason.  In the air on a flight between Portland and Kansas City, a drugged out man on our flight decided to start hallucinating and started going crazy.  He had to be tackled, handcuffed, and kept under control until we made an emergency landing.  An unusual flight that left me wayyyyyy late on my layover and resulted in a long night.  To make it even more fun was the fact I had many end of year reviews for my employees and left all my notes on the plane because of the rush.  Somebody now knows that one of my employees needs to do a better job of planning the next days’ tasks.  Anyway, here are a few nice domains that are dropping this weekend. A great CVCV but will be pricey.  I’m in this one, most likely just to see the final price. It sounds like a funny name but I guarantee you can make money with this one.  Just think, you can be the king of chicken costumes. A genuine PR 5 with a name that certainly lets you what it’s about. At $160 which is a good price for a PR 5 in this category Nice name but not a generic keyword which is the only thing many domainers will buy in the .net world.  The .com has an usual nostalgia page that most likely will change hands soon when they receive a nice offer for the .com. Could be had for about $400 right now. You ever heard this saying.  “You don’t get any lower than whale poop?  Or maybe I made that up. That’s the slogan of your new website.  Not quite sure what you’ll be selling. A huge $26.13 CPC.  Many ads and a nice domain that should be easy to monetize.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out I’m holding some premium cvcv .nets so I like to watch and sometimes bid on these.

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