8 Little White Lies Prevalent During Domain Sale Negotiations

Nov 19 2009

In order to maximize the sale price of our domains we all tell little white lies. Of course I’ve had the same ones told right back to me. Here are my top ten favorite lines hear during negotiations.

1. The fake “other” buyer ” I need to know if you still want the domain because I have someone else who wants to buy it”

2. The rush job. “I’ll offer you X (always a lowball offer) but it’s only good for 24 hours.

3.The “I have a backup domain” buyer. “I will pay you X and if you don’t take it, I have another similar domain I am going to buy that is selling for that

4. “I paid more than that” Well since he paid more that that it must be worth more.

5. The six degrees of separation valuation. He’s trying to sell find-a-doctor dot tv and he keeps using doctors dot com’s recent sale as proof his domain is worth 10k

6. The old ” I haven’t even tried monetizing it” when actuality he couldn’t figure out how to make more than a nickle a day

7. The Reddit one month revenue model. The seller tells me he’s only selling the domain for one year’s revenue. Great traffic ,always turns out to be all from digg,reddit, or proxy traffic

8. The fake PM. During a forum “taking offers” auction you throw in a few hundred dollar bump that an imaginary person sent via PM.

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  1. Johan

    lol, I’ve heard all of them. The fake other buyer is my fav. Gotta love it when they a few days later crawl to the cross and lowers the price to you 🙂

    I’ve only used nr 4 myself. Not because I belived that my name was worth much more, but simply because I didn’t want to sell at a big loss 🙂

  2. Jessica

    Oooppps, i think there were errors in my first post. Please replace it with this one, Shane. Thanks.

    Hahha. This is funny. I think I’m guilty of #5. Exactly with a dot tv. :p But it was not lying…it’s just a show of my ignorance. lol. But the price was merely in xxx.

    What annoys me is people trying to put words into your mouth, or worst, accuse you for being a fraud even if you’re telling them the truth. Such are losers who can’t seem to take others’ progress and put their mouths over their heads. :/:

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