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Using the Web to Help Mom:

buymymomshouseA California entrepreneur is using his skills to help his Mom sell her house. A house she’s had on the market for over a year.  Using the domain, he’s hoping he’ll create a little more buzz than the house has seen using traditional methods.  A quick website and a press release,  and he’s hoping the publicity and website will help Mom get out from under the house.  Here’s an excerpt from the Press Release

According to Christopher Simmons, who put up the site, “What is this Web site all about? Well, my Mom is now alone since my father passed away in 2003, and since my grandma passed away 2 years ago, my Mother moved to a California community called Victorville which, where she lives, is made up of retirees. She is on a fixed income, has no retirement income other than social security, and needs to sell this house to live on for the rest of her life, literally.”

The lovely 3-bedroom, 1.5 bath Colonial home is close to the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL), and is an ideal first family home since it qualifies for the $8,000 first time buyer credit, and a $3,000 St. Louis county buyer program. The house, at 7336 Country Club Drive, has 1,790 sq. ft. of living space, coved ceilings, home office space, large family room, formal dining, and large yard. The house has been priced for quick sale.

“Unfortunately,” says Simmons, “Mom put this house on the market right before the banking/credit collapse and, like most homes out there, it’s been hard to find the right buyer even though it’s a great Colonial and brick home and family-ready. It’s been a harder sell, too, because it’s not an ‘ultra-modern’ home with the latest celebrity-endorsed stainless steel appliances.

The site is nothing fancy but the story is nice.  He seems genuinely sincere about trying to help his Mom out.  I also think he picked a perfect domain name.  Let’s hope he sells his Mom’s house and then he can sell the domain and give her that money as well.

Domain Spotlight: