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8 MORE Reasons to Be Excited About the Future of Domaining

Domaining can be profitable.  For most, domaining will lose you money.  It’s a perfect way to $8 yourself into a financial black hole.   Despite the risks, an intelligent, long term approach to this industry has enormous possibilities. Here are 10 more reasons to be excited about the future of domaining.

1.  500,000 estibot evaluations A DAY.  That’s how many queries Esa-Pekka Palvimak, the founder of Estibot, says he’s getting .  That’s a boatload.  I’m sure many of those are bots putting names through but regardless, it shows huge growth in domain investors.  We need other investors to keep prices moving upward.

2. Godaddy hit 40 million registrations.   This translates to one registration per second.  This also means there are a TON of junk names being registered and that officially, all the good names are taken.  Well maybe not all but 99.999999999% of the dot coms

3. The next generation of full time domainers seem to making money.  The second generation of an industry is always tell tale sign.  It usually works one of two ways, the pioneers lay the groundwork for the next generation to make big money or the pioneers are the only ones that could make money because they got in early and the future generation fails and it all ends.  Domaining seems to have both.

4. Speaking of new blood, the young generation has a new king, Merlin Kauffman.   His company True Magic is acquiring names at an amazing rate.  The recent acquisitions of,, and prove that he has the the connections, the intelligence, and the deep pockets to acquire any name he wants.  He even flipped musicvideos immediately.  He’s great for the industry

5. Many businesses are still late arriving to the party and they are scrambling for eyeballs on the Internet.  They thought Twitter and Facebook were it and now they realize creative websites, email signups, and online promotions are an incredible way to make their name stickier.

6. Much of the world doesn’t speak English.  There are still some incredible deals out there in the IDN world waiting for people that are willing to do a little extra and jump into a whole new world.  The term “lost in translation” never applied more than here but if you can find someone that speaks the language to make sure you are getting the right term you can really make a lot of money.

7.  If you were late, you can still build a portfolio on drops alone.  A ton of good names are dropping and sure they may not be the very best,  but there are enough. This is a result of many things but most of them are a bunch of people that are poorly organized and have no idea of either the value of the domains or the fact they expired.

8. The increase of domaining blogs such as myself.  Some think it’s meaningless chatter but any and all discussion is positive.  Ask Chef Patrick and Ron Jackson about the importance of promotion in domaining.  One can now make a living in the domain industry through promotion and coverage.

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14 Replies to “8 MORE Reasons to Be Excited About the Future of Domaining”

    1. Name another person who is under 30 who deals in names of this caliber? You certainly know more domainers than I do so perhaps they just aren’t as high profile

  1. Really nice post and interesting perspective you have here…..this coming from a mid 1995 domainer. 🙂

    I think you are spot on.

    It will be great if domaining keeps thiving another 300 years. Cheers to the new generation of domainers!

  2. “…the young generation has a new king, Merlin Kaufman”

    Shane, from doing a Google search I think he spells his name with 2 Fs, Kauffman.

    Curiously his website, ,doesn’t resolve.

  3. I think the Golden Age of domains is still ahead. As the internet goes, so go domain names. And the internet shows no signs of slowing down. There are more gadgets than ever that link us to the web, more of our time is spent on the web, and it just keeps getting better. So many people in the world who still don’t even use the internet… yet. The new businesses and websites of the future will all need domain names, it is actually quite staggering if you think about it!

  4. Nice post Shane! I think it’s refreshing for the industry, when its far too easy to fret!

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