A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today ($12.54 CPC)

Mar 12 2010

Yesterday was a day I waited for for the last month.  A name that I previously offered $1500 a few years ago to buy dropped, and I ended up picking it up on a drop for $15.  Unfortunately it’s not a name that I will sale because it is plant related but for me it was the buy of the year.   Now on to the names

HoneymoonCruise.com At $41,000 it’s one of the more highly estibot valued names recently.  5200 searches and $4+ CPC

Mathnet.org PR 4, DMOZ listed site

WebProviders.com A $12.54 CPC and 500 searches.  $6000 estibot value but tons of bids on Namejet

RTO.net Almost near what I consider a deal but will certainly go up from here in the last few minutes.

Fullmovies.net Obvious value with this one and a ton of traffic and searches.  14,000 visits per month.  Already at $2K

AccountingClerkJobs.net 22,000 searches and a $2.73 CPC.  Will go cheap and should be easy to make your money back with this one

It’s easy to find a lot more good names using DomainStryker.com

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