8 Nice Domains Dropping Today

Dec 15 2009

droppingThere are a ton of good names expiring today.  I am being much more selective but I have to admit I was getting the bug to pull the trigger on a few

VirusRemover.net It’s not going to be cheap. Godaddy’s best name over the last few days.  27K searches and high CPC.

Magneticbumperstickers.com You can own this massive category.  Imagine all the “My kid can beat up your honor roll kid” bumper stickers you can sell.  Buy this and you’ll be rich

WiredforWireless.com Old site with pretty good traffic.  Could get a nice head start on a wireless site.

MortgageDallas.com A keyword domainer’s dream.  High click, some searches.  Watch them fight this one out.

Happen.org Lots of interest in this nice name.  It fits the .org tld well

aHero.com I love this domain.  I see a sweet site where you nominate your hero of the day and post the best hero each day

GasMoney.net Love it and gets some traffic.

cargames1.net Used to be an online arcade of car games.  Gets great traffic, perfect to continue an arcade site.

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