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Somebody thinks All LLLL.coms Are Worth At Least $20

LLLL domainsI have to admit I got a little caught up in the LLLL craze of last year.  Fortunately for me,  I only bought pronounceable names and a few triple repeating letters  so although I may have overpaid, I haven’t been killed on my purchases.  Reece from Nampros, a key player that really sparked the interest in 4Ls, used to have a great blog that talked daily about LLLL values and sales,  to the point they became the Beanie Babies of the domain world.  Since that time Reece and other big portfolio owners have gotten out and many of the LLLLs crashed in value or were dropped by their owners.  Recently on Godaddy I noticed some huge purchases of low quality LLLLs for $20 a piece.

It started at the beginning of December and has been going on ever since.  Whether it’s one person or that’s become the going rate,  it still seems a bit high to me.  Every domain is different but many of these names have q,v, x, and other bad acronym letters.  You wouldn’t get these prices on ebay at the moment so it would appear that dumping your names on Godaddy is the thing to do if you were going to planning to drop some of your names that acquired during the bubble.

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  1. End Users!

    Domainers selling to domainers do not think 4L with “crappy letters” hold value but end users with matching acronyms see value in them! reported several last week that most domainers would consider bad letter and think have no to little value! $10,000 $5,465 $4,088
    and I’m sure plenty more that went unreported.

    The week before that as well has some: $7,700$4,988 $3,263 $3,158

    All the above domains hold at least one letter that would be considered “poor” to most domainers, but it’s just not true when you think of end users.

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