A Complete Waste of a 3 Letter dot Com or A Brilliant Website?

I have no idea how I stumbled across Dyx.com but I did, and I am a better man because of it.  It’s simple, it’s intense, and between the crazy speech and shooting “I”, it was an experience. Some people would say that the owner of Dyx should have their flash license taken away, others may say he is brilliant.  By putting this crazy flash logo on the site, nobody can accuse the owner of trademark infringement.  All this excitement merely leads you to an email that most likely is there to see if anyone wants to buck up for the domain.

It’s a perfect website for an adult site and pardon my language here, could be pronounced “dicks” or “dikes” depending on what you like.  As there is no company called DYX Informatica, I am guessing that the site is merely a fun way of saying, “This site is for sale”.  And since we are on the off color three letter domain talk I bring you to vag.com.  A completely safe for work, “search engine”/fancy parked ad page.  This is a high value domain (valuate has it at 80K)  that seems to be trying to making money though parking but could be a million dollar adult domain. It seems like a complete waste of a good domain but the domain may be a bit limiting.  I may just have a dirty mind, and basing it on this post I would agree, but I only think of one thing when I here vag.com.  With its present slogan of “where you need it, when you need it” this is certainly not the vag that I’m used to.  That is never where I need it when I need it.

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