A Few Nice Domains Dropping Over the Weekend

Didn’t buy but two names this week and one of them I really didn’t mean to buy so if anyone want icescrapers.net, it’s for sale.  I guess for $10 it’s not too bad but not really in my niche.  Although, this past week I did use one almost every day.  I have too many cars as well.  They’re like domains, I keep buying and not selling. If anyone wants a 66 Chevy Bel Air with 28K original miles cheap, I would throw icescraper.net in with it for free.  Then I’ll have enough space in my garages and won’t need an ice scraper.   On to the drops.

AutoDealersUsed.com One of those domains that I really don’t like but is keyword rich with HUGE amount of searches for the keywords.  Just not in this order but google doesn’t care.  Valuate $6200 and no bidders on Godaddy

Wickes.com A large number of people jumping in on this one to most likely squat on the name of one of UK’s largest do-it-yourself stores.  Of course they might want it for legit reasons and will give the traffic back to the store

Peko.com Fantastic CVCV

Zava.com And another

Nameboy.net There’s your new domaining blog name right in front of you

SalesTaxRates.com Pretty easy to figure out the value and use of this one.  No bidders as of this morning

Marshmellowshooters.net Valuate doesn’t think it’s worth anything but I heard the marshmellow shooter affiliate programs are sweet.



I found all these names with DomainStryker.com.  Only $1 to test drive it for the next week

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