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And the Winner of the Possible Million Dollars Is…………..

faster.netIt’s not every day that you get a chance to win a Million Dollars but I’m headed to Vegas and I gave someone the chance to win a $20 pull at the slots at the Hard Rock.  I’m going to pull the highest paying slot I can find and try and get the winner a million.  This weeks’ contest was to guess the closing price of drop auction over at Namejet.

The auction (as you can see to the left) closed at $2100 and the winner AdInfinite’s guess was at $2040.  He is on his way to riches.  I’m not sure if the casinos will allow filming of the pull but we certainly will get some photos of the event.  If I can get Patrick or Bruce to tag along, I’ll have them verify.  I’m pretty sure they’re accredited with some organization for this type of stuff.

I’ll do this again for one more lucky person next week and if someone would like to sponsor this event weekly,  I’ll do this every week.  Of course I can’t go to Vegas every week so we’ll just have to give away prizes.  NameJet are you listening?

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    1. Just a little off at $2401 but almost had it. You just picked the wrong guy to go up a dollar. LOL Have fun in Vegas. I think you’re there for the next year and a half if I read correctly.

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