A Few Nice Domains Dropping Over The Weekend

Jan 30 2010

Not a lot of great names this weekend but it IS the weekend and there hardly ever is.  Here are a few I saw that were OK.  If you have a few and want to share what you found, feel free to chime in.

For more names go to DomainStryker.com, who supplies me with the tools to find the names.

NoseJob.org It’s a bit of a stretch but tons of searches and nice CPC make up for this .org

Tike.net Tike or Kid.   Gets 2300 searches and has a valuate of $2100.  No bidders at this point.

PeterGriffin.net You may get sued by Family Guy but everybody knows this name and 92,000 people are searching for it.  Just not bidders

EliteJet.com Not a lot of searches, just a nice name for private jet service

I Picked up  MasterShake yesterday if anyone is interested in buying it cheap

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  1. Aiza2010

    In general, domain expiry and deletion cycle is a different process with different registrars and domain name registers. It is a well known fact that a number of registrars enter into partnership with different domain auctioning services. Before a domain name expires, the registrars will keep it in an expired status for 35 days.

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