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The Problem With Moving TRAFFIC Auction to the Next Morning Summed Up in One Photo

I think this photo pretty much summed up the problem of the TRAFFIC auction moving to early the next morning.  A morning after the last night of going out for most conference attendees in Vegas.  To the rest of the world 10 o’clock is not that early but in Vegas it’s like having it at 5am anywhere else.  I was digging through my photos this weekend and thought this photo pretty much summed up the crowd the next morning.  It’s a bit exaggerated (there were many more people sitting behind me) but still a great pic. IMG_3008

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3 Replies to “The Problem With Moving TRAFFIC Auction to the Next Morning Summed Up in One Photo”

  1. Shane,

    You are correct, this picture sums it up perfectly. I had a hard time getting to the auction, but it being my first TRAFFIC event I figured I owed it to myself to slap myself in the face and get out of bed to get there. I was relieved to see they had Bloody Mary’s when I got there!!

    Unfortunately, I did not meet you at the conference, I have subsequently come across your blog and think that it is great! I had so much fun at my first conference and definetly plan on attending more. I will be following your blog in the meantime.


    I am not sure who this Rashid guy is above, but that is my exact post word for word taken from Michael Berkins blog. Just an FYI.

  2. The auction was not well attended for a few reasons.

    1. The inventory was mostly junk and the better domains were over priced as usual.

    2. There is not reason to attend, most serious bidders do it online.

    3. It is sad that one of the top events of the here had an auction that at least in my mind did so poorly. Even if the final result if 2.5M that is pitiful but ok for the auction company.

    The best sale was loancalculator? What does that say for te industry.

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