A Few Nice Domains Dropping This Morning

Jan 13 2010

The flips have slowed down for me these last few days but I haven’t seen anything I thought I could flip easily.  Things have changed the last few days though and I’m on the prowl.  Cash flow is King right now.

Cementcountertops.com Most people are looking for concrete countertops but with 2200 searches you can still make some money on this one.  Concrete domain costs you 7K, cement will cost you $25

Gamir.com I may actually take this one.  A nice “brandable” name that sounds like “gamer”.  Sure it may be confusing but people would figure it out

PurpleScarf.com I have always liked color adjective, two word domains.  People do very well remembering them.  This is a nice clothing domain

Issued.net Nice dictionary word with several thousand searches……but no bidders

Newproducts.org I’m not a big dot org fan but with no bidders this one is certainly worth $70

UsedTextbooks.org Same thing here.  Whopping 73,000 searches

Wuby.com Real nice name here over at Sedo.  At $200 it’s a good price (of course I’m selling it so I may be a bit biased)

Vuby.com You liked Wuby.com, you’ll just love Vuby to go with it, again only $200 right now



You can find all these names easily with DomainStryker.com.  Only $1 to test drive it for the next week

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