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Let The Domain Squatting Begin: American Idol 10 Starts Tonight

Garbriella-HolsworthSome people follow trends.  Others just squat on people’s names.  There is no more squatted on TV event than American Idol.  For some reason, some people think they will be able to capitalize on the fame found by these young contestants.  10 to 20 of them most likely will become a house hold name over the next year.  One or two of them will become International stars.  Many of the contestants still have not registered their name.  American Buzz is one of the few sites that already has the name of all the contestants that have been chosen for the finals.   I highly recommend you don’t squat on the names but taking a look at some of the contestants is kind of fun.  I’m always trying to predict who will win after the first round.  So far 0 for 9.  I hope Gabriella Holsworth does well because she’s so darn cure. Here’s a full list of the contestants for American Idol 2010

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  1. I read a couple of years ago the producers started registering the .com’s of the 20 finalist which I guess are already known to them before the auditions start airing, and if that is correct, the only names that are going to be available are the losers.

    Of course sometimes the losers become bigger short term stars than the winners

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