A Few Nice Domains Dropping This Morning

Jan 19 2010

Hope everyone had a  nice holiday yesterday (not a day off for me but still an important day).  I had to pack last night because I have two conferences this week with one being TRAFFIC.  I don’t know what I spent more time picking out, these names or clothes for the conferences in Chicago and Vegas (assuming I find any).   Was lucky enough to sell two names yesterday and a decent profit helping me raise a little cash for the Big Auction coming up.

Mawo.com A very nice CVCV that is easily pronounced and easy to spell.

TVTC.com Will always be an acronym but anything with TV in it will have resale value

AskYou.com Not getting a lot of play but a nice name.  Only 9 bidders and certainly will attract more but good value here

Glued.net  Again, not real popular but I like the term. It can be used for a lot of things. My eyes will be glued to this auction

OnlineFightingGames.net There’s been enough articles on the domaining blogs to realize the value of game names.  15K searches



I found all these names with DomainStryker.com.  Only $1 to test drive it for the next week

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