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10 Reasons Why You Should Meet Me at TRAFFIC

the-handshakeWhat gave away the fact that I’m excited about going to TRAFFIC?  Was the 1st post about it or the 50th?   By now you know that I’m headed to Vegas to break my domain conference virginity.  The main reason I’m going is to finally meet all the great people I’ve come to know since I’ve started domaining.  To truly build strong relationships it’s always better to shake a hand and talk to someone in person.  That being said, here are 10 reasons why you should be excited to meet ME in Vegas

1. To find out if the rumors on the Internet about me finding the ultimate Vegas shirt at Goodwill are true.  Rumor has it that I found the luckiest, best looking Vegas shirt in the world

2. When you talk to me in person, I don’t misspell everything.  I pronounce your and you’re exactly the same and hardly screw it up. It will be a refreshing change from reading this blog.

3. I have a ton a great ideas and business plans but not enough time and money to make them happen.  Get me drunk and you should easily be able to find a million dollar idea in the junk that I spit out.

4.  I saved you or someone you know $30 a night on a hotel room at the Hard Rock with this post and I’m taking hand shakes in payment

5. To ask me in person how I got every single reader of this blog to install an alexa toolbar on their browser.  (has to be the only way I’ve gotten such a good Alexa score this month)

6. If you’re a runner you’ll have a running partner.  If you’re looking to get in 6 or 7 miles before the first session I’m your man.

7.  I could be the future of domaining.  Most likely I’m not,  but since I’m going to be right there in the same room you might as well come over to meet me just in case.

8.  I need company.  I don’t know anyone personally at the conference and need somebody to talk to.

9. I’m a hell of a sports better.  Stick with me and you could pay for your whole TRAFFIC week

10.  Meeting people is what TRAFFIC is all about.  You should meet everyone in the room anyway so why not me.

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7 Replies to “10 Reasons Why You Should Meet Me at TRAFFIC”

    1. Thanks Ron,

      I’ve always felt you have to have fun in every thing you do otherwise move on to something else and I certainly am having fun. You’re actually on my “bucket list” of people I’d love to meet so the pleasure will be all mine

  1. I hope you have a great time and I notice you mentioned you could be the Future of Domaining and to let you know I saw FutureofDomaining.Com on the auction list for Domainfest.Could be a great give Morgan a Noogie for me lol.

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