A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

Another nice day with a ton of good domains dropping.  There’s money on the table so go ahead and take it.  For more names go to DomainStryker.com, who supplies me with the tools to find the names.

Woch.com A nice 4L dot com and valuate likes it as well.

lphone.com You’ve read a few stories about this drop.  Looks just like iphone in the url but is actually an L.

ArlingtonVirginia.net One of the better geo .nets to come up on Godaddy in a while.  245K searches

Mr.Frosty.com This is just begging for an end user sale.  12K searches make this a steal at $60.

MyKitchen.net Home, Kitchen, and bath are a competitive keyword but you’ll be ahead with this one.  Like it don’t love it

IncreaseProfitability.com A bit long but most businesses are looking for exactly this

Domain of the Day: