A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

Yesterday was an exciting day and I’m not talking about the extra feeds over at Domaining.  There were a couple of good auctions and I happened to get a name I was gunning for.  They say act like you’ve been there but I enjoy winning drops for the names I want, especially when nobody else notices the needle in the haystack.  Some say if it were any good there would be other bidders but my flips over the last two months prove otherwise.

And Again, For more names go to DomainStryker.com, who supplies me with the tools to find the names. They’re still offering the 7 day trials for a few more days

PaintballPistol.com I would much rather have the plural here but 18,000 searches and $1.11 CPC are a nice combo.

LaptopChargers.net A real nice one here.  You could easily amazon affiliate this one and pay back quickly with the $3.50 CPC

BigTenSports.com Valuate doesn’t value this one but with if Big Ten sports can have their own channel you certainly can have a web site.

SuperiorLandscape.com This is in my niche and of course I’m in on the bid but I have enough landscape names that I really don’t need to many more.  Should be easy to sell to an enduser if you get it cheap enough

iTattoo.com Nice name and should be easily resell-able but you’re going to have to do it for more than $500 because that’s were the price is right now

CattleTrader.com I’ve always been called a cattle trader for flipping every item I get my hand on.  Now you can have the name

Asia111.com Not that special of a name but it will give you 10-50K hits a month or even more.  Used to be torrent site (i think)  It’s at $1500 right now but the traffic makes it a decent buy

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