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Using The Number of Whois Queries to Value Your Domains

Many domainers know it,  but I’m always surprised by how many don’t.  Godaddy and some other registrars let you check how many Whois queries you had for your domain in a given period of time. I use Godaddy as my primary registrar because of these types of tools and use them weekly.  It would not be a far stretch to say that the more people interested in who owns the domain, the more people interested in the domain.  Take that a bit further and the more people interested in your domain, the more valuable your domain.

There are certainly other reasons for whois checks. If you have one for auction or just picked it up off a drop, you are going to have a much higher query rate.  Here’s a list of some of the domains I have and the whois check for January.

FORTY.NET    .net      48
ROBOTICPETS.COM    .com      37
GGGJ.COM    .com      32
SIYO.COM    .com       32
DOMAINSHANE.COM    .com      29
YESN.COM    .com      26
CVIW.COM    .com       22
FLANKED.COM    .com     22
BGUM.COM    .com      21
LAGI.COM    .com       21
HIQO.COM    .com      20
VBBB.COM    .com      18
DDZS.COM       17

All the names that are in this group are decent names and/or are names that I use for blogs or email.   Obviously my blog’s domain and my email get a lot of whois searches.  This data is a very helpful tool in the fact that if a domain gets little to no whois interest, it tells me that nobody has any interest in that domain. I try a liquidate any names under 5 queries a month.  It’s not a rule just a mental suggestion.  I suggest you do the same for your domains. Do you really want to carry a domain that has no interest?

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    1. Go in to domain manager into the “Tools” section up in the left and select Create Export. Within that you can choose which type of data you want to export. Let me know if that is enough info

  1. So true, I totally agree that a lot of domainers completely forget to account for the number of whois queries on their domain names.

    I have an API query setup with my reseller account that allows me to fetch the number of whois queries for my set of domains names.


  2. Dude…….i totally forgot about that. I had accessed this some time back and forgot about it. Thanks so much for letting me know again.

  3. This is how to access who is searches for domains registered with
    Log into your domain manager.
    Up top you will see tools.
    Click on tools
    Click on exportable lists
    Click on add export
    Click next
    Check off both whois reports on right \
    Click Next
    Name the file
    Godaddy will email you when the file is ready is should take a few minutes or less
    Repeat the above steps and you will see the file to download.
    By the way the first guy I spoke to at Godaddy said it couldnt be done

  4. Hate to admit this, but I’ve been doing this for three years and did not know this tool was available at godaddy. Excellent post…. thanks.

  5. Is there a option or any other service of that kind, that would give us statistics for much LONGER PERIOD?
    Godaddy provides just a “month ago” stats, it would be nice if there was option for last year or even ALL TIME stats, beginning with date of registration of the domain!


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