Domain Spotlight:

A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

It’s Monday and you know what that means.  Another beginning of the week and another chance to make some money.  There are some great names dropping this week so lets start by taking a look at some nice names dropping today.  They aren’t necessarily the best names but the names I feel you have the best chance to get at a bargain price.  PS click on the pic to the left to see the snow accumulation over the weekend on the east coast


And Again, For more names go to, who supplies me with the tools to find the names. They’re still offering the 7 day trials for a few more days Nice 4L name at $500 right now and a good price under a $1000, estibot gives it a $5000 plus price tag I’m not really sure what this is but evidently it is popular because of the 12K searches.  No bids and an estibot of $2000 The searches would tell you that not many people are looking for them but I think this is a huge market.  People are always looking for parts and this $10 buy could pay off A fantastic name in todays world where everyone wants faster streaming.  Won’t be cheap but a very nice name The “ica” names are very popular.  I bought Hortica recently for decent money.  Look for  a noun or verb and add “ica” and you could do quite well or should I say wellica.

There are a TON of 4L .nets dropping today on NameJet.  Too many to list but if that’s your thing I suggest you check them out.  As many as I’ve seen drop in a while

Domain Spotlight: