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My Newest “Fun” Sites Are Getting Closer to Completion “Hamster Insurance” and “Lazy Stripper”

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I love to have a good time.  If I don’t laugh at least 1/4 of the day it wasn’t a good day.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are times for serious business and making money but in my spare time I love writing and making comedic websites.  I sold off all my entities in the past and have been out of the comedic website business for a year.  That’s about to change.  I’d like to introduce two projects I’ll be releasing over the next month.  The first is Hamster Insurance and the second is Lazy Stripper.HamsterInsurance_Logo

As I’ve mentioned before, I make nice extra money domaining in the web world but don’t rely on it for my bills or lifestyle.  That enables me to put out things that are fun and I really don’t have to monetize them.  Of course I want to,  but if they do great, if not, I’m out a few hundred bucks.  In the past, I’ve usually started my sites with a very simple layout and if they make any form of revenue, I improve the look of the site.  I try and keep the content the focus of the sites and try and use a layout that although not fancy, won’t look so bad that it drives people away.  For these sites, I did something a little different.

Hamster_CatI went to Elance and hired some very talented Illustrators to draw “scenes” and pictures for the site.  I have a monetization plan for Hamster Insurance and it doesn’t include selling real hamster insurance.  I plan on selling T-Shirts and childrens books through the site.  It will also have cute photos and videos of hamsters as well.  Basically I want it to be a fun site that kids will like.  And then there comes Lazy Stripper

Contrary to the title it won’t be an adult site but it will certainly cater to adults.  It’s going to be a site of original comedy and a daily “best of the web”.  I started my first site as a place that my friends who were not Internet freaks like me, could go to a site and see the latest meme and funny things that were making the Internet rounds.  They have begged me to get something going again and so I hand regged the name Lazy Stripper.  The name alone makes me laugh.  I had a logo in mind and it’s almost finished.  You can see the rough sketch to the left.  I am going to have some TShirts made up and I’ll be giving some away soon. LazyStripper_002

The problem I have is I love Domain Shane and won’t stop doing this,  so I have had to add a couple people to the site to help write and manage. I absolutely don’t have any more time.  My brick and mortar business has 25 plus employees and takes 60 hours a week.  Throw in training 2 hours a day for an Ironman and having a family,  and you can do the math.  I think type A personality might be a good label for me.  Let me know what you think and as soon as I get the sites up I would love some feedback.  Hey it might not be as exciting and profitable as but it’s a hell of a lot more fun.

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3 Replies to “My Newest “Fun” Sites Are Getting Closer to Completion “Hamster Insurance” and “Lazy Stripper””

  1. Sounds interesting…the Hamster Insurance site is going to be hilarious.

    How do you plan on getting traffic to the sites?

    1. WQ,

      I will probably use a lot of social media to start and a little advertising. Fortunately I have some friends with some big sites that will sell me cheap traffic. Traffic that will probably like the content. Lazy stripper will be easy. I can get 500 a day from the images alone that will be on there because there will be so much pop culture and google loves it. Hamster Insurance will take some time but and I will have to work the kids on that one. I’m not used to advertising or pulling in children but I DO have a 10 year old to ask and watch to get some helpful hints. LOL

  2. Shane, from the moment that we talked about this at TRAFFIC i knew that if anyone could pull this off and make it fun, it would be you! The drawings are absolutely hilarious and if you ever need help anything on the site, let me know! It sounds like a lot of fun. Let me know when you have shirts done, i’ll be the first one to buy one! Have fun with the sites and the rest will take care of itself.

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