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A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today ($17.75 CPC)

A little confusion on the daily drop “For Sale” section.  If you want a name you have to email and let me know.  If someone makes an offer on Sedo I am going to treat it as a separate transaction.  If you feel more comfortable through some type of escrow that is fine but email me first. If you don’t I may send it to auction. Now on to the dropping domains the good news, if you want to sell rock tumblers there is no better name. The bad new, it’ll cost you (18K searches and 12K Valuate) If you by the above this is going to be your byproduct so you might as well buy this one as well.  Really not a bad name though The searches aren’t there but tons of discussion on the pages of Google and nice $17.75 CPC.  Tons of ads on the keywords Alright GEO lovers here you go.  33,000 searches and 3K estibot And another. 22,000 searches and a respectable $1.70 CPC Very brandable name and should go cheap.  $2900 estibot I don’t usually go for 4L.nets but this is a very nice one and certainly worth $70 Since they are handicapped it fits perfectly for a dot org


It’s easy to find a lot more good names using

Domains For Sale $250   Nasty is dirty but Nazty is REAL dirty.  Great adult site  $300 ..Details……..Valuate $2000 ….Dictionary word $2000      Valuate $2500  First page, number 4 on Google for Rated G

Email me if interested in purchasing domains or selling them (10% straight commission)

Domain Spotlight:

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