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A Great Note from a Reader

I had a great comment from a reader in response to this article.  The reason I thought it was worth sharing is the fact that he shows a realistic view of what his domain portfolio has become.  He, unlike many, realizes he’s sitting on a bunch of domains he will never develop so he better sell, develop, or let go.

I need someone external to comment or write a post like this to make you realise what is realistic with the time and money you have.
I have just shy of 300 domains (
I added the link not Ian) , I have been collecting them since 1998, with only a handful that are being used, I.e. developed or forwarding to other businesses.
I am currently working through the list to determine which domains I have a “passion” to develop, if you don’t have a passion for the topic then your dev project is unlikely going to succeed.
2010 is the year I transform my portfolio into a “passion” focused portfolio. It can only then transform into financial gain. A little like your “long tail” garden and flower domain vertical.

Short term (6 month) plan – Split portfolio into
a) domains to sell through auctions (4 domains per month)
b) domains to sell direct to potential end user/business (2 domains per month)
c) domains to develop with affiliate revenue (1 per month) not mini site.

We shall see how this works out. Your blog posts make great reading, keep it up.



I love the use of the word “passion” because to truly succeed in domaining you have to have some.  Ian was also very understanding when I said I didn’t much value in his portfolio but it certainly is not my niche so I may be wrong in this case.  Perhaps some of you have a better understanding of the travel or .eu market and can give your opinion.

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