A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

Feb 23 2010

Not very many good generic keyword domains so I had to branch into page ranked drops and other “style” of domains.  I’ve been in too much of a hurry lately when doing these lists.  I’ve missed the fact that a few were on the wish lists and had been renewed with a few days left.  I won’t make that mistake again, at least they won’t be when I type these out.  Thanks for the understanding and hope at least one person is getting something out of the lists beside me.  Now onto the names

Phoo.com One of those 4L names that generic investors could care less about and 4 letter people love.  A slight problem on the radio test but I think up to 1K would be a good buy

Soprano.net Despite what the HBO people tell you this is actually a type of singer

Aquinox.net The name doesn’t stand out but the REAL PR 5 does.  Will pay for itself if you know how to use it.

9e3.com See above

Hi4.com A typo of Hi5.com which is one of the most visited sites on the net.  I would image it’s 3-5K visits a month

ShoeBoot.com Your customers would certainly know what you sell and it’s easy to remember

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