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A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today ($19 CPC)

Sold my first name off my list the other day and had an offer on another one at Sedo that was sent to auction(coincidence?) So things are moving along quite nicely. If you have a few names for sale that you want to move be sure to email them over.  Remember, we want good value on the list so send me your “Cash flow” domains.  Names that you’ll move for cheap to keep the cash coming in.  Now on to the names This is where I look like I don’t know what I’m doing.  Valuate says $60,000 I think $1200.  I guarantee I’m wrong and goes for more. Not a lot of searches but much like the tube names, any poker name with a single digit behind it is worth a few hundred dollars……at least Weezy is actually a better name but still a good name for under a few hundred (and dot org) If you like beer this is a great name.  If you don’t like beer this is still a great name. 12,000 searches.  Won’t go cheap This one is WAAAAY undervalued.  Those are the most highly prized items on the internet. This name is already number 3 on google for the term. Great buy here for under a hundred dollars with it’s $19 CPC A very nice name that probably will go cheap

It’s easy to find a lot more good names using

Domains For Sale $2000      Valuate $2500  First page, number 4 on Google for Rated G $300   Gets 10 type ins a day and great name for a personal blog.  $75 Details……..2900 Searches….high ad rate…..$1.54 CPC

Email me if interested in purchasing domains or selling them (10% straight commission)

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One Reply to “A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today ($19 CPC)”

  1. Shane,

    I really appreciate your interviews with industry players — some of the best (most useful) info I’ve seen on a domain blog to date.

    I have to caution you, however. If you are going to advertise domain names for sale, with listed prices, you should be prepared to sell them if you receive an offer that matches your asking price.

    I’m not the person who placed the offer for, but if I had placed an offer of $200 — equal to the amount you stated you wanted for the domain — and you had sent it to auction rather than accepting the offer, I would be pissed.

    It’s one thing to send an offer that doesn’t meet your asking price to auction. Quite another to play the game of “Try to squeeze a bit more out of this chump.”

    Might not be the best way to build up a fan base.

    Aside from this little discrepancy, keep up the good work, and I would encourage you to pursue more interviews with interesting people…

    Good luck.

    Reply: I put the name out for $200. If somebody would have emailed me and said “sold” the domain would have been sold. Done and finished. When someone bids anonymously through Sedo how am I supposed to know if that person saw my post or had never heard of me and simply made a bid? It’s a big world out there. Communication is key. Also, a $200 bid is only $150 to me as Sedo take a $50 cut. I really appreciate you reading the blog and the kind words but I really felt I’ve done nothing wrong. Again, if someone communicates they want to go through Sedo then we have to make an agreement. When it comes down to it, in life your word is all you have and my word is good. I go to sleep comfortable every night knowing that. Not saying I don’t open my mouth and make promises that are a pain in the ass to keep but I always keep them. Again, thanks for reading

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