A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

Didn’t post much yesterday as I had one of those days.  Great for the pocketbook bad for the blog, the story of a lot of good blogs that barely post anymore.  A path I’m determined not to follow.  I won’t post to post but I can’t imagine a day I don’t have something to say 🙂  Now onto the names.

Rayburn.com $9100 estibot and 3500 searches.  Will go for around a $1000 which is still a good price

WeirdHouses.com 6600 searches and more a fun site than a strong generic but will go cheap

ShreddingCompany.com The $10.58 CPC is nice and over 1000 searches

BeautifulHorse.com The only thing better than a horse is a beautiful horse…………or a dog

PatongHotels.net 12,000 exact searches and $1.73 CPC and no bids

RadioShow.net You want generic, here’s generic

TheClassroom.net 12,000 searches and another nice .net

There are a ton of more great names today and remember……….It’s easy to find names using DomainStryker.com

Domain of the Day: