A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today (PS I Hate Time Change)

Mar 16 2010

For a guy that goes to bed early and wakes up at 4 am this is definitely the worst time of year.  It’s practically light when I go to bed and dark for my entire one and half hour run.  I’m still trying to figure out why we still do this time change thing.  At least I found a few good names yesterday, I was tired and grumpy while I did it,  but I did it.  Here are a few good names dropping today

WomenFu**ing.net It is not womenfunning it’s the dirty word but it’s alway what a heck of a lot of people are looking for.  27,000 searches.   It could be worse OneGirlTwoDogs.com is also up for bid

HandmadeQuilts.net That’s quite a change from the one above isn’t it.  Grandma may actually come this site.  4000 searches

Islanders.org 420 hits to this bid page show the interest.  Hockey people will like the name

FourTimes.com One of those meaningless names that everyone knows how to spell and will remember. Great buy under $100

Flip.net One of the bigger names to come out for auction in a while.  I’m in but probably not for long

NewGadgets.net 22,000 searches and and an all around nice name

ConcreteMixers.net The mafia will take this name from you just like like they did the readymix factories in Chicago.  22,000 searches means people are really looking for mixers


It’s easy to find a lot more good names using DomainStryker.com

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