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A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today ($31.22 CPC)

There are a ton of nice names dropping today.  Way too many to list.  Pay attention today because there are so many names a few are going to be missed.  Now onto the names.  Be sure to check out the names for sale at the bottom. If you don’t know who Tyler Durden is he was the guy Brad Pitt played in Fight Club.  He’s become a cult here and has 27,000 searches. Worth a few hundred dollars Not as many searches as I thought but still like the name.  Hunters will eventually find the internet Domains with colors in them are hot.  This one has two It’s funny because there’s no such thing.  I’m just kidding on this by the way.  The can’t find a Muslim comedian thing ……and that you should register it thing Shows only 55 searches but put into Google and you’ll see different.  Lots of ad competition and a HUGE $31.22 CPC Big name,  big money.  Wine people love to get drunk and bid on names 72,000 searches and $3200 estibot

It’s easy to find a lot more good names using

Domains For Sale $5000  If you want to sell something, this is the name for you   $800 ..Nice 4L dot com. $400   Joke site, funny site.

Email me if interested in purchasing domains or selling them (10% straight commission)

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2 Replies to “A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today ($31.22 CPC)”

  1. $5000 for a 5 letter prouncable,are you having a laugh or is that a typo and it should be $500 ?

    Reply: Your lack of knowledge will come to haunt you at some point in domaining. Sello is fantastic name and has changed hands for over $1000 several times. Strong 5L domains are one of the fastest growing segments in domaining. You were most likely the same guy telling me the CVCVs were a waste of my money back in 2005 and not worth the $500 I paid. Now I get 5-10K for them. I am not taking it personally, I am secure with my pricing, just trying to point out a few things

  2. Yeah, a look down through this week’s top domain sales at dnjournal will show that while $5k is on the high side, it’s not crazy. Multiple 4 figure sales in a single week for pronounceable 5L’s is the beginning of a very interesting trend. You have to be careful of domain trends, but this one is definitely interesting.

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