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A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today At Godaddy and NameJet All athletic wear is now about wicking

Not very many great names falling today.  There IS some value in the dot org category today and I think this is going to be a trend as people are realizing that dot coms is the beach front property.   You can still get to the beach from a couple blocks away with the dot orgs With this name you pretty much get the idea.  You’ll be selling bags You know you’re a redneck if… own All three letter names are flippable $7.76 CPC and 8,000 searches give value to this dot org

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    Those repeating domains like bagsbags are very nice and will be the next trend. For short names one-syllable words, you might even see triples (Bags! Bags! Bags!), for the “rule of three” is very intuitive.

    Yes, .org is coming along, but some terms just don’t fit, girls gone wild [dot] org.


  2. It’s all in the hands of the buyer…. org domains should remain as they were thought to be. I trully think that org domains that have nothing to do with the extention will be punished by search engines in the future

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