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Friday’s “I Can’t Believe They’re Dropping” Finds

Getting my first day off tomorrow in 3 weeks.  I should sleep but using it to go run a 96 mile relay.  Oh well, at least it’s not work.  Here’s today’s fine list of names Name flows off the tongue.  Any 4L with TV in the letters is worth good money 14,000 searches and a $1700 valuate.  Already at $400 plus but a very nice name I don’t like 4L dot nets but this is certainly worth $50 and it’s at 0 Gay domains are not for everyone but this seems like a nice one for that category. I just guessing of course ColorAnimal sell well because they are easy to say and everyone knows how to spell it.  Unless you have

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5 Replies to “Friday’s “I Can’t Believe They’re Dropping” Finds”

  1. There were my dropcatches the last 2 days:

  2. Tvbo = Television Body Odor?

    It’s not just Tim – I wouldn’t have bought any of those names either. To each his own.

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