A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today: Free iPad Edition

Jan 28 2010

I’m a little tired from registering all the ipad names last night. I really think freeipadatthiswebsite.com is going to make me huge cash. In all seriousness, I can’t wait to get my new ipad and have been waiting for them for our retail store for years. We’ve been an Apple company since 1978 and this keeps getting better and better. And yes we bought the stock back then and have added since so I could care less what they cost. Now on to the drops.

For more names go to DomainStryker.com, who supplies me with the tools to find the names.

StressReliever.org I’m not a big .org fan but this name works with the tld. 8K searches and a CPC of $2 makes this a domain that will pay back quickly (I did buy uniquenames.org yesterday for $9 so despite me not liking them, I like all names for the right price)

FreeCocaine.com Not my style but pretty funny name.   For $20 it’s worth a try.  Here’s your slogan.  “The First Taste is Free”

FirestoneTires.net I’m not saying squat, I’m just saying.  Gets 65K plus searches and valuate has it at $9300, nice CPC of $3.98

skinnylayouts.net 168K searches, yes 168,000.   It’s a myspace layout and evidently a lot of people want them.  Can be had cheap

CheapTermLife.net Not a lot of searches at 300 but a very nice $25.74 CPC.   Get your money back with one click

YogaExercises.net Valuate doesn’t like this one but 15K people are searching for it so I think it’s worth a look

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