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PR 10 Link for Sale: The Current Value of Links by PR

PR10I don’t really buy or sell links but I am always following the value of such links on the net. Obviously a lot determines the value of a link with the major determining factors being Pagerank and age. A page rank of 8 in a completely different category may have less juice for you than a PR7 with a perfect match. If they are given to you, I really wouldn’t worry about it but if you are paying good money you want to get the most bang for your buck. After scouring through many different ads, sites, and message boards I thought I would share with you what I feel are the going rates for links of different page ranks. Price is Per MONTH

PR10 Rare, see a few advertised but most are not legit. $500-$1000

PR9 Don’t see them often $400-$700 dollars

PR8 $150-$200

PR7 $60-$100

PR6 $25-$50

PR5 $10

PR4 $7

PR3 $4

PR2 $2

PR1 No Value

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9 Replies to “PR 10 Link for Sale: The Current Value of Links by PR”

    1. Places like The Economist sell follow links (ads) on their site quite often. There are other sources and fairly easy to find but prices are all over the place and you have to make sure they are legit

  1. these are the cheapest prices I’ve ever seen.

    there are no PR10 links for sale, period. Probably the same with a PR9 or a PR8. And if someone has a PR6 for sale for $25, everybody should run out and buy it right now.

    REPLY: Check here

  2. Hello,
    We are selling this domain names: , PR is 6 (It has a 42,000 Unique Visitors). , PR is 5

    other domains are at PR 5

    interested presons can log to these websites and my email is there.
    Nidal Kadri

    REPLY: AND YOU WILL pay me a commission for using my blog to sell them. Right?

  3. my opinion is that pr n/a,0 and 1 have value. I link build for a decently large seo company and they pay me for them so they must have some value right

  4. Edit: If you sell this I expect a commission……no seriously I do

    Hi everyone,

    I have a new PR 8 link available on a monthly subscription of $165, paypal. Site gets ~84K uniques a month 🙂

    Please send me an email at [email protected]



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