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A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today: Jersey Shore Edition

jersey-shore-mtv-the-situation-pauly-d-snookie-nakedIt’s funny, Fusible posts an article about Jersey Shore sending him mad traffic for a photo he posts and just today I was noticing one of my sites got 4K hits for one Jersey Shore pic.  Who knew Jersey Shore would be the SEO killer that it is.  Now to the real news.  There are some nice domains dropping today but you’ll have to dig a bit deeper. It was one of the days I’m glad I have tools to help me find a few gems in the mass amount of drops.  I picked up Hortica dot com yesterday and it fits very nicely into my Horticulture portfolio.  Matter of fact it may become the name of my horticulture portfolio.  Now on to the drops

For more names go to, who supplies me with the tools to find the names. 18K searches and you know exactly what they’re looking for.   Certainly worth more than the $15 it’s at now 18K searches as well and again at $15.  Payback in a month. 1200 searches and a high $2.78 CPC  make this a nice name.  Valuate has it at $3000 plus Rule one in domaining.  If it has the word mortgage in it it is going for thousands I don’t like dot orgs but it’s hard to ignore 60,000 searches. You and one person can bid this thing out

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