Take a Look at Some of the Great 4L Sales in the Last Two Weeks

quadpremiumIt looks like premium 4L dot coms are gradually increasing in price.  Overall they are still way down from the “bubble” year of 2008 but the premium CVCVs are back to where they were and climbing.  Take a look at some of the great sales that have taken place in the last 2 weeks.  (prices and chart to the left courtesy of LLLLsales.com)

Punx.com  $10,000  Sedo

Gees.com $2900 NameJet

Gupu.com $2100 Sedo

Kuso.com $3700 Sedo

OeOe.com $4388 Afternic

Rltm.com $2000 Afternic

Tdmg.com $4388 Afternic (something odd going on with these Afternic prices though)

Tuto.com $15,510 Sedo

Xina.com $6000 NameJet

Kozo.com $2100 NameJet


I think Kozo was a steal at that price and I’m still on the lookout for nice CVCVs. It’s one of the few areas that there is a very liquid market for flipping

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