A Few Nice Domains Dropping Tomorrow: Free Money

Dec 24 2009

It may not quite be free money but this has been a great month for drops.  There have been some high paying keywords with over 1000 searches going for $25.  Here are a few more dropping on Christmas Eve

bloggertemplate.net I used to look for this all this time and looks like 6,000 plus people per month (33K worldwide)  still are. No bidders

StudFinder.net I used to own one of these but the thing kept going off all the time when I was using it.  (drum then cymbal)  22K searches for either the percussion or the men.  Either way, only one bidder at $10

AppleDumplings.net I’m not saying you’re going to make a fortune on this one but you certainly can flip this one if you get it for $25

Pinkalicious.com Probably a trademark issue (a children’s book) buy at your own risk.  Valuate has it at $7K and no trademark issues but it only looks for fortune 500 tradmarks

Powerclean.com I have some money set aside for this one.   One of the better names to come across this week. Some searches and ads but the name is perfect for so many endusers

Dicionario.net If you speak Portuguese you’ll know this mean Dictionary.  A million searches a month.  Because it’s a foreign only two bidders

LindsayLohanBlowjob.net You’re going to need a bigger hosting account if you’re going to document all these.  She gives those away like they’re AOL disks from the 90’s




I recently picked up freefilesharing.org for $10 using DomainStryker. It will pay for itself in days


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