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A Few Odds and Ends I’ve Registered Lately

Over the last two years I’ve tried to clean up my portfolio and have actually been trying to keep a sell 3 to buy 1 ratio until I get down to a higher quality.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t throw a few dollars at some fun names or some buy and hold names.  Here are a few of the names I purchased one, because they were the niches I do well with, two because they went for a very good risk to reward value.    Some of the plant names have much more value to me because of the ease of monetization.  The 5 letters take patience but if you’ve watched the 5L market you know that it’s almost impossible to find an aged quality 5L for less than $400. Here are some of my latest low cost domains.

TippyToes com I loved the name when I saw it.  It’s a cute name that can be used for many different uses.

Stewartia com One of those names that doesn’t have much value to anyone but me and other tree guys.  A very popular tree and now I will rank # one for it.

FatChicken com Just a funny name.  Great brand and could be a pretty fun logo

PlantBusiness com It’s the business that I’m in and for $69 it may be my buy of the year.

Ziplet com Bought it for it’s app like sound.  And for it’s low low price.

WantGet com Everyone can easily spell this and a fantastic name for a shopping site.  Or any kind of commerce site where people are looking for something.

Stump co Only my second non dot com this year (other was  I am in the stump removal business and thought it looked like Stump Company.  Worth a $12 gamble

Zicky com Everyone knows I like 5 letters and I snapped this.  Great sound and easy to spell

Koppo com Same as above.

iShane com Jamie Zoch alerted me on this one.  I didn’t really need it but it will come in handy for my new “All things Apple” blog.

And one I paid a little more for

FloridaHomeLoan com I intend to flip this one as I have no lead gen plans.  It will be going up for sale soon.

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13 Replies to “A Few Odds and Ends I’ve Registered Lately”

  1. Acquired a few 5L’s recently as well: – wave of the future right here – first typo purchase, gets a ton of traffic, we’ll see…

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, have enjoyed your blog for some time now though I’m not sure that I’ve ever commented.

  2. You know Shane. I’ve never failed to learn from your blog post. There are always something that could be picked up. Thanks.

  3. I think we might have been competing for TippyToes – for the same reasons – it just sounded cute, but I’m trying to be ultra-conservative with my spending. Ziplet is a fantastic sounding applet name and for you, at base snapnames price, may well be – for you – your buy of the year. Very, very nice.

    1. Jerry,
      I thought the name went way too cheap and actually had a bid in for double what I bought it for.

      There were a few other friends that were in on the same name but strong armed them into walking away. In all seriousness, I have always liked words are common every day words, easy to remember, and have the ability to be branded.

  4. Hi Shane,
    I have been watching domains for a while and decided to start investing in them. Over the past two years I have picked up a few but would like an opinion on from someone who has been successful in the business. I know my approach is still kind of all over the place but I try to find stuff that either has some keyword quality or at least is fun and or brandable. Here are a few that I have bought over the last two months.

    I have about 200 domains right now but most are for my local market in southern california

    1. Jerry,
      As long as you handregged those you’re fine. How many of those have you sold would be the key question. If you are turning a real profit then it’s a good investment. I find that most people don’t tell the truth and spend more in renewals than they receive in sales.

  5. I have never paid more than $10 for a domain so far…then again I have never sold a domain so far. That is the next part of my equation, figuring out the best way to sell them after acquiring them. Fortunately I don’t mind holding them for a little while until I sort it all out. I do know that I have paid renewals on some that are completely worthless but I have also been reevaluating that. Most of the time it was for a .us or .net that I picked up but I only look at .com’s now. I just think that the market will always be in the .com’s…imo

    Thanks for your advice and for the great blog. Certainly helps guys like me make sense of it all.

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