Monday’s Big List of Domain Auction and Drop Picks

Oct 17 2011

I really do wish I was at TRAFFIC this week. For me it’s that I had this week booked since this time last year. I just have too much on my plate in October. October has always been one of my busiest months. I can see understand how some domainers have chosen not to go. It’s a $4-5K cost and for a new investor it’s a little intimidating. A lot of old friends and plenty of money being thrown around. I can tell you that they will welcome anyone that wants to participate and money isn’t an issue when you get there. Just don’t feel offended when you’re not invited to some private parties. That takes time and building of relationships. Or just spending a lot of money with the private party sponsors. And for the first timer something else. Wait until you see what some of the bloggers and big players look like in real life. You won’t be nearly as intimidated. Except for Ron Jackson. He’s really that good looking in person. Now onto the names. Names found using Everyone wants to revisit things that made their childhood fun.  That’s why I like Mattel football and Evel Knievel wind up motorcycles. Already over $3K and still worth it. I think it sells for $500.  Would have sold for $1500 three years ago.  They are increasing in value though so it may end up somewhere in between. I like this one even more because of the HD..   High Def Surf Network coming to a tv near you More 4L.coms today than I’ve had all month Means “The Dog” in Spanish.  Great brand with age and no bids. No bidders.  Not going to be able to monetize very easily but for $69 you don’t have to make a lot of money I loved her as Catwoman 3 letter dot net and one of the better ones this month.  7 or 8 more 3 letter dot nets up today. You better be glad Elliot doesn’t do dot nets or he would be all over this one. Big Search total and lots of ad competition A lot of people already using this so it’s going to be a bit hard to brand Such an easy build out.  And then you can sell them shit.

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