A Few Thoughts On a Beautiful Saturday Evening

Jun 09 2012

My family and I are doing what most American families do on a Saturday night.  Run a few miles together, have Chipotle for dinner and sit and watch the taped Track and Field event from this afternoon and watch Rudisha’s incredible 800 meter run.  Topping it off with the Heat/Celtics game.  You know, typical Saturday night.  But in between the festivities I thought I would empty my brain of a few thoughts.

1. While I was happy when Namejet’s new affiliate program came public,  the end result is ridiculous amount of redundant NameJet pick posts.  I’ve never even heard of most of the blogs and most of them haven’t written any other posts of value.   It’s not about the money, I wasn’t making any affiliate money for 2 years doing my posts, it’s about the clogging of the domaining feed that I don’t like.  I used to be able to go on there and see a few good stories but lately all I see is Namejet picks.  It proves once again that anyone can do picks and that my daily posts are only proof that I have endurance, not that I have any skill.

2. The sheer amount of new TLDs is going to confuse the hell out of Internet users.  We’re not talking about 50 names here.  We’re potentially talking 1000’s.  If dot com as the default has value with 25 tlds, imagine the value as the default for thousands.

3. Speaking of new TLDs.  The key to the success for the owners is going to reside in marketing.  As a domain blog owner I am giddy over the new money that is potentially going to come in to the advertising market.

4. The registrars and even the auction houses have to have that same giddiness.  A huge amount of new business is about to be opened up.

5.  Value is determined by profits made.  That’s never changed.  As domainers we usually sell on potential profits made. Unless you flip the domain, potential doesn’t pay the bills.   I think that more and more people are going to move towards buying built out websites and I am one of those people.  Buying websites that are started in their niche and come set up, ready to go, with instructions, and already generating profits. So yes, I am starting to agree more and more with Rick Latona.

6. I can’t believe it but my best names in the last 4 months have been bought on DnForum.  I have purchased 8 names in that time period and have already generated $XX,XXX in profits.  I’ve picked names that I feel have liquidity and put them into various auctions and banked the difference between buying wholesale and selling retail.  The buyers are probably hoping to sell end user, the highest price.  It takes a little extra work buying in the forum, and for 2 years I hadn’t bought one name, but lately opportunity has reared its head again.

7.  Anything home (houses) and weight loss and training are going to be gold in the next 10 years.  I’ve said it a million times but the world is FAT and getting fatter and they are going to try and buy their way out of it.  Sell them their dreams through websites.   And home stuff is amazing.  Interior decorating and cool design is as hot as its ever been. I had a buddy sell a home design site for seven figures.  It was getting mad traffic but the key reason for the price was topic not traffic.

8. I am jealous of Accidental Domainer.  He has been able to live off his websites and travel the world. They are not the greatest sites in the world but combined, they give him enough income to pay his bills and enjoy life.  A great life for a great young (kind of young) man.  I also enjoy him riding his bike all the way from Colorado to see me. Elliot would never do that. Of course, Elliot doesn’t have family that lives down the road from me

9.  I have been watching old Jordan games.  I lived in North Carolina when he was in college, moved to Chicago the year he was drafted.  He was always on my television wherever I lived.  It taught me at a very young age to enjoy greatness in action.  I watched thousands of Jordan’s games live and I have started to buy copies (with commercials) and watch some of his top 100 games again.  I am even more impressed.  His drive and desire to beat you is still unmatched.  Yeah he is a dick but he’s the best dick that ever graced the basketball court.  The dickness is what drove him to the next level so its a give and take.  He was the perfect combination of some blessed DNA, hard work, attitude, and unmatched competitiveness.  PS: I am one of the few people you know that lost money to Micheal Jordan on a ping pong game.  Story later.

10.  People make too many excuses.  I am constantly amazed by the excuses of why people do or don’t do things.  If you want to do something you MAKE time.  People seem to make time for things they want to do but when it comes to things that are tough, uncomfortable, or include hard work, the time never seems to be there.  I really doesn’t bother me (or maybe it does) because I know there’s plenty ripe fruit at the top of the trees because most people are too lazy to take anything but the stuff they can reach.

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  1. Aaron

    Hah! Thank you sir. And I am jealous of your $xx,xxx in recent profits in domain flips. 🙂 I’m constantly trying to find the right balance.

    Go Thunder!

  2. Neil Armstrong

    Re: The namejet massive avalanche of lists – we use a proprietary algorithm and have been for a year or so to find just dropped names available for hand-reg. I’ve tried it on the Namejet exclusives and we produce about 15 or so a day (we tend to pick two which match yours, but there might be value for some). As for it filling up the domaining feeds, I’ve always thought competition was good – I’m sure quality will out and a lot of those new lists will disappear with time.

    As for why we don’t add the names ourselves: UK time – I need to be awake at 3:59 a.m. to add those in the last few seconds before closure – I do that occasionally, but the girl is NOT happy when the alarm goes off….

  3. Kevin M

    “…result is ridiculous amount of redundant NameJet pick posts. I’ve never even heard of most of the blogs and most of them haven’t written any other posts of value.”

    And never will. Simply a couple ‘wanna-be known as a domain blogger’ noobies with nothing to say or share, looking for easy things to post about in their new blogs. Some already are seeing they can’t get advertisers, so they’re ‘asking for donations’ with a Paypal donate buttons. good grief! Can’t wait for all the new gtld’s and what they’ll bring to the domain blogasphere.

  4. Neil Armstrong

    Kevin: Yep – and when they get bored of not making any money, they’ll disappear as quickly as they sprung up. You’re right though – I can imagine what’ll happen for a few months after the new gTLDs…. shudder

  5. John

    .Com is King
    Bring Back the 90’s with 6 Rings, a Roaring Stock Market & Boxing worth watching

  6. fizz

    Re: “If dot com as the default…”

    In their analysis of the frequency of characters in domain names around the world DataGenetics.com uses the term lingua franca to refer to the commonality of use of .com, which also seems very appropriate:

    “It’s interesting to note that the distribution differs from the the traditional pattern used in the English lanuage: E,T,A,I,O,N,S,H,R,D,L … Some of this can be explained by the fact that domain names are not just for the consumption of English speaking people. Even though other regions have their own domains, since .com has become the lingua franca, many businesses simply default to .com.”


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