Saturday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-8-12

Jun 09 2012

Surprised how many good names are on the board for a Saturday.  Beautiful weekend here in Central Illinois.  Other than giving me skin cancer, the sun is a key driver in my day.  Sunlight cheers me up and keeps me smiling.  Then again, so does a pretty girl.  Good thing I have two in my house.  Have a nice day.  Here is today’s list.  Radio controlled trucks. Lots of affiliate programs for this one and Christmas is around the corner.  Horizon Hobby is located around the corner and they probably make as many of these as anyone in the world.  Maybe I’ll start flipping trucks I can only imagine what GetFunding would be worth  I think this one could hit $2K Let’s see. The world’s largest percentage of people is old. Old people are move to Florida. Florida is home to more senior care centers than any state (made that data up) According to my logic then this domain is worth 2 billion dollars. These are the types of names that make you glad your read this list. I am a huge proponent of stem stells. I think the are the future of medicine and banking or storing your own stem cells with be the norm. I will take it if it stays under $30. This is my gift to your pocketbook AND your health  Crazy man on campus and he’s got the world’s largest jade plant.  Nice and I can never get enough I own a lot of “modern” names. gets a decent amount of hits. This would go for twice as much on Namejet Because kids can’t spell  Look it up.  Means “fighting chicken” in Spanish   Anything with “games” will do OK and with today’s games making your participate, active is a good term to describe todays gameplay  Music on the go.  I think that is going to catch on

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