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A Very Relaxing Week and a Few Thoughts

I didn’t write very much this week on purpose. My body and my mind needed a break. I did a little running, a lot of sleeping, and a lot of reading. I read more domaining articles than I usually do. I read some blogs I normally don’t read, only because I only have so much time. Of course, this blog is to voice my opinion and here’s what I got out of this week’s domaining posts.

1. I completely understand why he does it and from a marketing standpoint it makes sense, but I am very glad that every conference doesn’t release their auction names one at time. It seemed like every other post I came to this week had a released auction name from Latona. Heck, there were even some watches in there as well. Again, great names, and I assume as they secured them they released them, it was just something I noticed. I will have to admit , that McQueen orange handed rolex caught my attention.

2. Acro has me scared to buy 3L dot coms. I now I have to be careful on the forums but I didn’t realize you have to do your homework on Sedo as well. I am exaggerating a bit when I say I’m nervous but his posts this week did a great job pointing out how people buy the domains that have the email that control registrar accounts and use them to steal all the domains. Also realized Theo blogs……..a lot. It’s gotta be tough on the brain to be constantly having to come up with stories. That probably explains why the ruffled feathers. When you write that much, you’re bound to ruffle some feathers

3. I think Owen Frager is insane……..or brilliant. I just can’t tell some days

4. I missed a chance to have drinks with Michael Castello this week and I’ll be kicking myself all year. You don’t get an opportunity to be invited for a drink with someone you admire very often. It also proves that family comes before business or personal. I was with my daughter at Disney and I wouldn’t trade the day for anything. And I proved it.

5. Think you have a lot of money? Head out to Laguna Beach. I saw more Ferraris in one day than I’ve seen all year. Instead of “punch buggy” we played “punch Porsche” because there was more action. My wife and I are thinking of buying a vacation home here and we really couldn’t find anything near the beach under $2 million. I’m going to need to work a little harder this year

6. Domain Incite put out some good articles this week. I don’t know if they wrote more or I had been missing it, but some good stuff there.

7. Domaining has been running very very slow for me. Slow to load and especially slow to transfer me to the article. It could just be me

8. You can tell a lot about an article by the feedback. Domainers like to comment and if an article doesn’t have any comments then I can tell that either nobody had anything left to say or they didn’t real care about the content. I read a lot of articles that I thought were good and some that were bad. I realized this week that usually the number of comments was directly correlated to quality of the article.

9. Getting away from screens and taking a vacation is good for business. Everyone gets burned out. Those that say they never get a vacation are the ones that most need it. A vacation doesn’t mean that you don’t return phone calls and do some work, it just means you do much less than normal. If you can’t even get away for a week from your business then congratulations, you haven’t built a self sufficient business. You’ve built a bunch of workers that only do what you say. My idea of a strong business is a business that can runs itself with a leadership and guidance from above, me. They need to be able to make day to day decisions with out me and ask when they don’t feel comfortable or a certain level of importance is reached. Micro managers are bipolar. They smile, tell you to make your own decisions and then never let you fail. A weeks vacation can tell you if you’ve built a business that is it’s own entity.

10. I love the Internet. You can live anywhere and still make a living. Not many jobs in this world that offer that opportunity. I could do everything I needed to do despite being on the other side of the country. I just chose not to do it this week.

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4 Replies to “A Very Relaxing Week and a Few Thoughts”

  1. “I was with my daughter at Disney and I wouldn’t trade the day for anything. And I proved it.”

    Awwww 🙂 That’s really sweet. Good Dad.

  2. Great post. Totally agree that everyone needs to take a break, if not to be able to come back even more rejuvenated and fresh of ideas.

  3. Hmmm… taking daughter to Disneyland, or spending time with Mikey C in Laguna? Sorry Vlad! Daughter wins out!

    Shane, you’ll connect with Mikey again – I think you did at some point didn’t you?

    Daughter time – priceless.

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