Monday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

Aug 16 2010

Back to the grind this week. Got absolutely nothing done this week just as planned but with all good things come repercussions. I have make up all my homework that I ignored all week. On the positive note, I made a few hundred dollars from my sites while I was laying on the beach.  I’m going to try and scale this no work/beach/make money, business model.  Now onto the names I realize it’s not the most valuable name on the board but what a great name this would be. Not sure if they would take you serious but I would visit your site A great name for these ab type stores all over the net.  If Lance Armstrong is pushing it, you know there’s money in it (1998 domain) Good CPC, lots of searches. I really don’t like these types of names.  This name is a mess on the radio test.  “Heads” is what most people will type in.  74 people disagree with me and find the name desirable so I pointed it out Most people will think of Tupac when they see this but it’s many other people’s last name as well. Most people have no idea what this is. Some know what a GFI is.  With it’s $7 CPC and thousands of searches, you may be able to make some money on this.  AND will go cheap

Names found using my favorite  analyzer:

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