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Some Special Names Dropping This Weekend

Weekends are a good time to find dropping names. Many people are busy and they forget to get in their bids. They will also put in their bids early leaving you to pick out the ones they missed. Here are a few that I thought may show value.

. A stoner name now but when/if marijuana gets legalized this could be a huge name People are certainly wearing them and 2300 people search for them. Definitely worth $10 This one is pronounceable and cool. If you can get it for $100-$150 you will be able to flip this in the near future for good profit (Oimo is nice too but will go for much more) I think you could have this for $60 and simply put up a few recipes and some kettle corn info and you should be able to front page You know the name but I certainly wouldn’t put up moving company ads. 33,000 searches and a $13,000 valuate price Not a big fan at all of 4L dot nets but I like this one. Reads like Texter but does anyone really text anymore? The $10 CPC got my attention and the 2300 searches kept it. Not quite but $60 would be a steal.

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Domain Spotlight: