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Allow Me To In-tro-duce Myself

Hello All. Despite my ongoing request to write by the pen-name Keith Stone, my name is Chris Woodward and I’m one of the new members of Team Shane. It’s an honor to be selected to work for this blog and I’ll do my best to provide some insight and helpful tips to make us all better domain investors.  Let me tell you all a little bit about myself.

I have worked in the domain industry over 5 years and specialize in 2-3 word developmental .COM domains. I generally try to stick with high PPC keywords to maximize the development potential. How do I find these names? The answer is really quite simple… countless hours scouring domain drop sites, extensive keyword research using several tools, determining the value of the domain and how much I feel it will sell for at auction, deciding if I want to bid up to that point, bidding up to that point, and usually being outbid only to collapse from mental exhaustion. Sound fun? Yes? Then you’re in the right place. No? You’ll still learn something so just sit tight. I love domain/keyword research tools and that will be a big thing I will be focusing on here. I’ll also be submitting a domain for the daily auction list.

About me personally…

I grew up on the streets of Detroit, MI where domains are a matter of life or death. If there is one thing you don’t do on the streets, it’s insult another man’s domain.

I drink almost everything out of a mason jar.

I used to do stand up comedy, DJ, and attempted to become a professional golfer.

I have never been on the DN Cruise, but I do go on a cruise with Kid Rock every year. I’ll let you figure out which one is crazier.

I love BBQ, own a meat smoker, and make the best pulled pork you’ll ever eat.

I consider myself the world’s first urban redneck domainer. I own a lifted pickup truck, a pop-up camper, and 500+ domains. Case and point.

Along with my business partner, I am on the verge of launching an authority site in an excellent technology niche that has flown under the radar for quite a long time. I will get more into this as it evolves.

That’s about it for me. I encourage anyone and everyone to leave a comment introducing themselves. If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer all of those as well. I look forward to getting to know the readers of this site and helping ya’ll the best I can.

Now onto the first productive things I’ll contribute…

1. Stop searching for GoDaddy Reg codes. If you’re buying new domains at GoDaddy, getting the best price on domains is as simple as going to Google and searching ‘GoDaddy’. At the top, there will be a sponsored ad by GoDaddy and if you click on that link you will be taken to After you’ve logged into your account and searched for the names you want, the price (as of the time of this post) is $7.69 for all new domain reg’s. This will only work on new reg’s, renewals are a bit more tricky. The actual code is at the end of the url if you need it for later.

If you already knew of this easy trick then I apologize but you’d be surprised how many folks scour the discount code sites looking for a code this good.

2. If you add a little Captain Morgan’s to your 7-Up, it makes it taste like  cream soda…

See, you’re already benefiting from me being here.

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6 Replies to “Allow Me To In-tro-duce Myself”

  1. Hey Chris, WELCOME!

    I like your writing style already and it seems Shane knows how to pick em. I look forwrad to learning more from you and reading your posts. Just when I thought this KICK ASS blog couldn’t get any better…. here you come!

    Captain or JackD also go great with Ginger Ale, like realllllyyyy great. Get a slice or two of lime in there too.

    Welcome brotha!


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