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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks 9/8

Not the best list ever but not the worst.  You’ll notice I haven’t had many dot nets other than three letters lately.  While I am not saying there aren’t any good dot nets out there, it’s just that I’ve decided I am no longer in the dot net market.  I think that I can find better investments in other tlds, especially dot coms.  I do like dot nets because they have become commodities that have a certain value to compare against when buying or selling.  It’s also a very liquid market.  So those I still buy and sell.  The rest, I watch.  And now today’s names. I hardly ever see names I like on Bido but I do like this one.  3 years ago this is a feminine hygiene site and now it’s a fantastic name to sell the hottest selling product in the last decade 1996 Birthday.   Lake in Canada but regardless a nice brandable name. Pronounceable 3 letter dot net And another The holy grail of numbers with the 88 at the end.  at $7500 but will top $10K Rare two number dot net that again should fly past $10K Not sure what you’d do with it.  You could use it as your email address and make everyone feel uncomfortable. Cancel that joke. This one would make the email ever more uncomfortable. If you believe in dot co then you have to like this one. And this one

While it was hard finding much quality I did find some using dropday.

Chris’ Pick Keywords ‘heated floors’ do much better, but industry terms do evolve over time to make things sound more professional. For example, in Phoenix, weathermen used to call them dust storms, now they call them haboobs…and I call multiple haboobs, haboobies.

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  1. Peter, you’d be surprised but that’s exactly how the news treats them. Dust storms in Phx are treated by the media like hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes elsewhere…i swear they’re just dying for a death toll to report, but nope, everything’s just dirty.

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